Why buy two units when one will do?

Treat bad tasting water and eliminate hard water and iron stains with the Softener Cleer Plus! You shouldn’t have to think about water, but you should, as water can be so harsh. Hard water and iron in your water can cause unpleasant taste and odors, stains on clothes, fixtures and dishes. Hardness and iron form a scale that makes water heaters and other water-using appliances work harder in addition to clogging shower heads. Fortunately there is a solution… the Culligan HE Softener-Cleer. This smart technology thinks for you. In addition to reducing hardness and iron, the Culligan® HE Softener-Cleer Plus stops that “Rotten Egg Odor” – Hydrogen Sulfide which is present in rural areas. Hydrogen sulfide can leave black stains on your laundry and bathroom fixtures. Even worse, it can cause damage to your pipes leading to costly repairs.

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